Best Persian Restaurants in Los Angeles

We like to consider ourselves experts in Persian food. We did in fact create the first-ever crispy basmati rice tadig cup, something that had never been made before. As such, when people are looking for the best Persian restaurants near them, where they’ll be able to get their fix of Persian food, they come to us. While we may be biased in thinking that Baaz Bites offers the best Persian food in all of Los Angeles and throughout the United States given our nationwide shipping, we still like to give credit where credit is due. And Westwood, also known as Little Tehran in Los Angeles, is home to some of the best Persian restaurants in the entire United States. Thanks to a significant settling of Persians in Los Angeles following the 1979 Iranian Revolution, a whole host of Persian restaurants opened throughout Los Angeles to cater to this audience. However, Persian restaurants now cater to Persians and non-Persians alike, given how delicious Iranian food is. While Baaz Bites will always be our go-to for Persian food, there are still some great restaurants for Persian food in Los Angeles, mostly in Westwood but also outside of Westwood. Our top five Persian restaurants in Los Angeles list is as follows:

Persian Restaurants Los Angeles

Number 1: Darya

Darya Restaurant has two locations across Los Angeles, one in Santa Monica and one in Orange County. The restaurant is known for its wide variety of Persian food offerings, from traditional Persian beverages such as doogh to an array of different basmati-rice based dishes, to different types of kabob, from salmon to lamb, and finally different types of Persian stews, such as gheymeh, fesenjan and ghormeh sabzi. No better way to finish your meal at Darya than with a traditional Persian hot tea, or chaii.

Number 2: Farsi Cafe

Farsi Cafe is located in the heart of Los Angeles’ Iranian center, Westwood. Westwood is home to a great number of Persian restaurants, as well as Iranian-focused bookstores, music stores and Middle Eastern grocery stores. Farsi Cafe offers a great variety of different basmati rice based dishes, such as Albaloo Polo, Adas Polo, Zereshk Polo and Baghala Polo. Each of these rices are incredibly delicious on their own, but are often served alongside a kabob or Persian stew. Farsi Cafe delivers their delicious Persian food to the immediate areas surrounding it as well.

Number 3: Flame Persian Cuisine

Flame Persian Cuisine is another Persian restaurant located in Westwood, the Persian center of Los Angeles. There is not much in particular that differentiates this restaurant from Darya Restaurant or Farsi Cafe. Like the other two restaurants, one of their signature dishes is a thin sheet of tadig topped with one, two or three different Persian stews. This dish was, in fact, the inspiration behind Baaz Bites. Having gone to one too many Persian restaurants and receiving low quality tadig, we decided there had to be a better way. Our signature Baaz Bite is that new and improved way of making tadig.

Number 4: Atari

Atari Sandwich Shop is the unique name on this list, as its signature products are not as much different varieties of Persian rices and Persian stews, but instead their sandwiches and soups. The sandwich for which they are most famous is a beef tongue sandwich. If you’re looking for something more on the vegetarian side, than their kuku sabzi sandwich should be your go-to option. Filled with different Middle Eastern herbs and greens, it’s very similar to a Spanish frittata. Another menu item for which this beloved Persian restaurant is famous for is ash-e reshteh. This very healthy Persian soup is filled with herbs, chickpeas, pinto beans, sauteed onions and noodles. If you’re trying to mix it up and move beyond the traditional Persian rices and stews, than Atari should satisfy your craving.

Ashe Reshteh Iranian Noodle Soup

Number 5: Raffi’s Place

Raffi’s Place is one of the few restaurants on this list that is not in Westwood / Santa Monica, but instead in Glendale, an approximately 25 minute drive from Los Angeles. Raffi’s Place is a Persian restaurant that has also incorporated some Armenian influence. The restaurant is famous for its different kabobs and rices, and has been a long-standing establishment for authentic and traditional Persian cuisine.

While the above five covers the best Persian restaurants in Los Angeles, we’ve got a bonus addition for you - best Persian dessert in Los Angeles. And the award goes to none other than Saffron & Rose Ice Cream in Westwood. You could technically go to Saffron & Rose just for your typical ice cream flavors, such as strawberry, cookies and cream and vanilla. But Saffron & Rose offers so much more. As the name suggests, they do indeed offer a saffron and pistachio ice cream, one of their best-sellers. They also offer a white rose and a pink rose ice cream flavor, consisting of an incredibly fragrant and delicious rosewater flavor. It is an out-of-this-world, one-of-a-kind ice cream flavor that is worth going out of the way to try out. The ice cream shop also offers faloodeh, which is described in greater detail at our blog post on the Top Five Persian Desserts. So while you’re out in Westwood exploring the best Persian restaurants in Los Angeles, it’ll definitely be worth your time to check out Saffron & Rose for some post dinner dessert. You really can’t go wrong!

Saffron and pistachio ice cream

Los Angeles, and in particular Westwood, are home to some of the best Persian restaurants in the United States, given the significant Iranian population that has immigrated to Los Angeles. However, if you don’t live in Los Angeles and are searching for the best Persian food, Baaz Bites is a great go-to option. The signature crispy basmati rice tadig cup, topped with traditional vegetarian Persian stews such as ghormeh sabzi, fesenjan, and gheymeh, make for a unique take on Persian classics. And even if you do live in Los Angeles and are tired of going out to restaurants for Persian food, Baaz Bites offers all that you need here. Added perk of living in Los Angeles? We deliver for free! It’s not very often that a Persian restaurant offers vegetarian Persian stews. Fortunately, Baaz Bites caters to that audience as well, given we used diced mushrooms in our ‘Shroom Baaz and Bean Baaz instead of diced meat. While Persian restaurants offer one avenue to enjoy Persian food, Baaz Bites’ modern take on traditional Persian classics is the most convenient and authentic way of preparing and enjoying Persian food in the comfort of your own home.

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