Ghormeh Sabzi: A Nation's Pride

If there were one dish that represented what Persian food is, ghormeh sabzi would be that one dish. Persian grandmas around the world always state that a meal is not a complete meal if ghormeh sabzi is not on the table. It has claimed itself as the national dish of Iran. Its blend of Middle Eastern herbs, red beans, diced mushrooms and sun dried limes combine to make a unique and slightly citrusy meal that pairs perfectly on top of a bed of basmati rice and tadig. Its predominant red beans are what led us to name our iteration on this Persian classic the Bean Baaz. Ghormeh sabzi is prepared today much in the same way that it was prepared by nomads over hundreds of years ago. They knew what they were doing back then, and we sure do know what we’re doing today. While Iranians claim ghormeh sabzi as their national pride, the aromatic Persian herb stew is a not only popular in Iran, but also in Iraq and Azerbaijan.

What Gives it its Green Color

When ghormeh sabzi’s ingredient list is written out, the medley of Middle Eastern herbs are not usually broken out. If you’re looking for ghormeh sabzi’s herbs, the following are the list of greens that you’ll need to make its base: parsley, chives, dill leaves, spinach, cilantro, fenugreek leaves. This diverse and broad list of ghormeh sabzi herbs is why many have come to call ghormeh sabzi one of the healthiest Persian dishes. In English, ghormeh translates to stew, while sabzi translates to herbs. As such, the dish’s name also describes what it is. Fenugreek is an ingredient not often found in other dishes, which is what contributes to ghormeh sabzi’s unique taste. Ghormeh sabzi herbs truly blend together for an incredible taste that are sure to remind any Iranian immigrant of their childhood back in Iran.

What Gives it its Citrusy Taste

Oh, how could we forget to mention those dried lime balls, or limu omani, as they’re known in Farsi. While they’re not meant to be eaten, they’re cracked open and cooked as part of the stew, slowly releasing a citrusy taste during the process. The ingredient originates from the Middle Eastern country of Oman, which is where its name in Farsi comes from. It is a lime that has lost its water content after having spent a majority of its drying time in the sun. The limes taste both sour and citrusy, but also have an earthy and somewhat smoky taste to them. Like fenugreek, this is another ingredient in ghormeh sabzi which gives it its unique taste and flavor.

What Makes it Vegetarian

Ghormeh Sabzi is traditionally a meat-based dish. However, in line with our other two stews, we decided to also put a vegetarian twist on this one. Vegetarian ghormeh sabzi is not something that’s readily available, as most Persian chefs stick with tradition, and tradition calls for using meat in the preparation of this meal. However, if protein is your goal, the red beans in this dish do a great job of providing you with that. As such, in lieu of meat, Baaz Bites uses diced mushrooms in the preparation of its vegetarian ghormeh sabzi. The mushrooms provide a similar texture to the meat, and still allow the ghormeh sabzi herbs to work their magic and be the stars of the show. For anyone who has been spending hours searching for vegetarian ghormeh sabzi, you’ve finally come to the right spot.

Farmers Market Feedback

Ghormeh sabzi, or the Bean Baaz, was Baaz Bites’ top seller as a prepared food vendor at the Brentwood Farmers Market in Los Angeles. While fesenjan and gheymeh were also very popular, ghormeh sabzi stood apart in a field of its own (and quite the herby field it was). The following is the list of top adjectives Bean Baaz’s fan club used to describe this unique dish:

Persian royalty

Whether ghormeh sabzi has been your favorite dish since childhood, or if you’ve been on the hunt for a vegetarian ghormeh sabzi all your life, or even if it’s a dish you’ve never tried before but are interested in learning about the true essence of Persian cuisine, than you’ve come to the right spot. Our ghormeh sabzi stew pairs perfectly with our crispy Baaz Bites to make for a delicious Bean Baaz, but also pairs perfectly with a bed of Persian basmati rice. Check out all that we have to offer here!



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