The Best Persian Restaurants in New York

We’re no New York experts, but we sure are Persian food experts. Given our commitment to finding the absolute best Persian food around the world (we’re starting off in the United States for now, but we’ve got high hopes for ourselves), we’re continuing our series of the best Persian restaurants by city. If you live in Los Angeles, consider yourself lucky. We’ve already got you covered with the Top 5 Persian Restaurants in Los Angeles. An added plus of living in Los Angeles? With any Baaz Bites online order, we’ll cover delivery and will deliver straight to your door! Don’t worry… we’ve got some love for Northern California as well. We’ve also compiled a list of the Top 5 Persian Restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While we think Baaz Bites is the best go-to option for when you’re in the mood for Persian food, we understand that you may just be in the mood to go out to a Persian restaurant sometimes, especially when you just can’t wait those two days for our delectable crispy rice tahdig cups to arrive at your door. For you New Yorkers, you’re in luck! New York is home to a great number of delicious Persian restaurants, and below, we’ve got our list of the top 5 Persian restaurants in New York. Have you been to any of these? What are your thoughts? How does their tahdig compare with Baaz Bites’ mini tahdig cups? We always love to hear your thoughts! In the meantime, without further adieu, here’s your top 5 New York Persian restaurant list:

Number 1: Persepolis

Persepolis is home to some of New York’s best Persian food. The upper east side restaurant is named after the Persian Empire’s ancient capital name, Persepolis. In addition to serving all the main course classics (we’ll get to those shortly), Persepolis also serves up a tremendous variety of delicious Meditteranean appetizers, including dolmeh, or stuffed grape leaves, Shirazi salad, or the chopped tomato, cucumber, and red onion salad we’ve previously covered in our list of the top 10 Persian food dishes, and yogurt & cucumber, a traditional Persian appetizer that’s similar to a lighter version of Greek tzatziki. Once you’re ready to move on to your main courses, you’re in luck! Persepolis happens to serve up all three of the most famous Persian stews, including ghormeh sabzi, gheymeh and fesenjan. Additionally, if you’re searching for vegetarian Persian stew options, Persepolis has got you covered. They serve a vegetarian version of ghormeh sabzi, along with vegetarian khoresht e baemjan, or Persian eggplant stew.

Persepolis is one of the few Persian restaurants to serve vegetarian Persian stews. If you’re looking to have vegetarian stews shipped directly to your door, Baaz Bites has got you covered. Our trio of Persian stews, from our Bean Baaz (ghormeh sabzi) to ‘Shroom Baaz (gheymeh) to Pom Baaz (fesenjan) all happen to be completely vegetarian!


Number 2: Ravagh

Ravagh Persian Grill is consistently rated as one of New York’s best Persian restaurants. Whether you’re in Midtown, the Upper East Side, or East Village, Ravagh has got you covered with three different locations in the city and two additional locations in Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk). Ravagh was first opened in 1998, so they have nearly two decades of experience serving up some of the best Persian food in New York. Like most Persian restaurants, Ravagh serves up all the Persian classics, including stews, rices, kebabs and appetizers. They also serve the classic Persian yogurt-based beverage known as doogh, which is a popular pairing to kebab. Ravagh also serves up delicious Persian soups, including ash reshteh, a traditional Persian noodle soup with greens and beans. At Ravagh, you’ll truly feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the old days in Iran.

Number 3: Sofreh

Just as how Baaz Bites is on a mission to modernize Persian food and introduce this wonderful cuisine to all, Sofreh aims to do the same in the New York City area. Sofreh is a terrific modern take on Persian food that was actually featured in the New York Times. Sofreh, in Farsi, refers to a large family meal or gathering, in which people come together and break bread. The restaurant aims to do just that, bringing together people of different backgrounds and cultures to come together in the enjoyment of Persian food. Some of Sofreh’s most famous dishes are the “feta & herbs flat bread,” which features a traditional Persian bread known as noon e barbari. Additionally, instead of serving fesenjan traditionally as its served alongside a plate of white basmati rice, Sofreh serves it as “half duck fesenjan,” or braised leg of duck in a pomegranate walnut sauce.

If you’re looking for authentic, traditional Persian food, probably best to stick with Ravagh or Persepolis. However, if you’re looking for more of a modern take on these Persian classics in more of a refined setting, they Sofreh may be the spot for you. Located in Brooklyn, it’s one of New York’s few Persian restaurants that are not located in Manhattan or Long Island.

Sofreh Persian Restaurant

Number 4: Colbeh

Regardless of where you live in New York, there’s no reason not to check out Colbeh, as they’ve got three restaurants scattered throughout New York: one in Manhattan, one in Great Neck, and one in Roslyn. In addition to serving authentic Persian, Colbeh also serves kosher Persian food. Not many Persian restaurants meet this requirement, given the majority of Persians are not Jewish and therefore are not required to meet the requirements associated with a kosher diet. However, following the 1979 Iranian Revolution, a sizable Jewish population left Iran, largely settling in the United States. As a result, Persian restaurants such as Colbeh were established to not only serve dishes that remind these Persian immigrants of their days in Iran, but to also meet the strict dietary guidelines by which many adhere to.

Colbeh also offers a tremendous variety of different catering menus depending on the event you have on hand. If you plan on serving Persian food at your next event, then Colbeh is definitely a caterer to consider.

Number 5: Taste of Persia

To round out our list, we’ve got Taste of Persia NYC. Taste of Persia is a tiny whole in the wall restaurant that shares its property with a pizzeria. If you’re looking for a fancy sit down spot, then this is not for you. However, if you’re looking for a quick grab of Persian food, then you’ve come to the right spot. Whether you’re looking for Persian soup, or basmati rice and Persian stews, Taste of Persia in New York’s Flatiron has got it for you.

Persian immigrants have concentrated themselves in Los Angeles and New York post their move to the United States. As such, if you’re looking for some of the most authentic Persian food in either of these cities, our lists should serve as a helpful guide. But if you’re looking for an innovative, modern take on all these Persian classics, Baaz Bites is here for you, delivering authentic Persian food straight to your door. Dig in!

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