Food's Most

Iconic Dish

It's nearly impossible to have a conversation on Persian food without any mention of tadig. Tadig, or the thin layer of crispy basmati rice that forms at the bottom of the pot, is Persian food at its finest. Crispy, crunchy, golden basmati rice... what else could you ask for in life? Trust us. We specializing in the art of tadig.


For as long as tadig has been made, there's only been one way to make it: prepare an entire pot of basmati rice, and hope that you get the oil to sizzle just in the right way to get a thin layer of crispy basmati rice at the bottom of the pot. All that work just for one thin layer of crispy deliciousness? We thought there had to be a better way. Meet Baaz Bites, your new go-to option for tadig on demand.


  • More than one hour of prep time necessary
  • Only one thin layer of crispy rice per pot of rice
  • Can only be eaten immediately post prep


  • From freezer to oven to plate in less than twenty minutes
  • 360 degrees of outer crispiness, with a chewy inside center
  • Tadig that's as crunchy after re-heating as when it was originally made... how do we patent this?!